When You Don’t Know Where to Start in Your Faith, Start Small.

So today I did a 15 minute workout video on YouTube. I did it outside while my kids played over a pile of sand. I did it in between getting more sand, cleaning up sand, chasing after my two-year old a couple of times, and breaking up little arguments. It wasn’t a perfect workout, but I did it. It wasn’t a long work out, but I did it. Actually, it was a small work out, but I’m proud that I completed it.

This is not a post about exercise, but it is a post about starting small. There is such power in the small goal. In fact, my theme this year for my sales team that I lead is to have small goals. It felt super weird teaching this to my team when the norm is to shoot big and dream big, but I’m sticking to it. I’m totally all about the small goal and reassuring us girls that there’s nothing wrong with the small goal. A small goal can make a difference. A small goal can motivate us. A small goal can be important. And the small goals…they add up BIG time.
Ya know, you can start small in getting healthy, goals, saving money, learning a skill…and yes, even in your faith.
And actually starting small, simple, and at the very core of honesty is the best place to start your journey of faith in Jesus.
It reminds me of the Bible story (Mark 9:14 – 29) where a father comes to Jesus begging Him to heal his son. He asks Jesus to heal his son, if it is possible. After Jesus responds saying that all things are possible for those who believe, the father cries out,
“I believe! Help my unbelief!”
I love this super simple and small prayer – “Help my unbelief!” This father didn’t need a lengthy, elaborate prayer filled with the exact perfect words and Bible verses. This father didn’t need an hour of prayer time. He didn’t need to be some kind of “perfect” Christian. ALL he needed was a small prayer. The ONLY thing he needed was a very simple and honest faith in Jesus, the Prayer-Answerer.
And the part of this story that I really love is that his small prayer and honest faith was all that Jesus needed to say YES to this prayer and heal his son.
So for those of us who desire to grow in our faith – who want to learn to pray, who want to hear God, to know what the Bible says, to feel Jesus in our everyday lives – how about we start SMALL?
What’s the next small step we can do to move toward our faith growth?
I bet you can think of something pretty quickly. I can! Like not a bunch of things, but ONE small thing that you could change, or try, or pray, or take a step toward doing – something that would be small, but super helpful in growing you closer to Jesus. What is the next small and very honest prayer you can send up to God? Really think about it – and even write it down. And then pray it to God asking Him to help you. I’d love to pray with you too! I know this from personal experience – just wishing, comparing, and striving to do more only leads to BIG discouragement because we’re not seeing or feeling any real changes.
So let’s let go of the overwhelming, and let’s pick up simple, small faith thatJesus can do it ALL.
Because when we have a transparent heart that starts with simple things like "Help my unbelief, Jesus!", like the father in the Bible story, Jesus can work in a person like that! So, start small. Start simple. Start with being completely honest and open to God. Write it down. Share it.
Take the small steps.
Give that small amount faith to Jesus! It’s okay! He loves that small faith! It’s still a powerful faith!
And when you do, watch Him fill you and step by small step to create the BIG changes IN you.

"Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think." ~Ephesians 3:20

Love & Blessings,

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