Vacation Planning Packet (And it’s FREE!)

Spring Break is coming up for us… and I bet it is for many of you too! We are super pumped to be going to the beach in Florida again this year! Florida sunshine and the beach is my love (although those who know me know my true and deep love is DISNEY WORLD!).  But I am mostly passionate about the sun and sand and getting away for the most fun family family time – just taking a break for real life and being together!

So in my mind, I will have the MOST FUN if I’m ultra prepared and planned for the vacation. I want to max out my time and leave with amazing memories of adventures!

I made this Vacation Planning Packet for myself, and am passing it on to you for free!

CLICK HERE to download the 4 page FREE Vacation Planning Packet!

This 4-page packet and includes:
– Vacation 30-day Countdown Chart
– Flight/rental car reminder
– Ideas of what to do planning page
– Packing List
– And a day-by-day fill in vacation schedule (to be done in pencil, of course!)

I hope this helps you max out the fun on your family vacation! Have the best time ever creating new family memories!

Love & Blessings,

PS – I’d love to hear where you are going for Spring Break!

Side Note: I’m thinking of tweaking this to make a specific Disney World Vacation Planning Packet. Would that be helpful for anyone?