Thursday Video: My Morning Devotional Routine and 4 Bible Verses I Pray Every Morning

Today’s Thursday video is dedicated to setting up your morning quiet time with God (or devotions… whatever you like to call it!). I share in the video some tips on getting prepared and why I believe it’s important to start your day with God!

I also share at the end, 4 Bible verses that I wrote out in the back of my journal and pray them every morning to get myself focused on God (and not me).

These 4 Bible verses have helped me so much that I created a free printable for you to print off or screenshot and use for your own morning routine! Click the link here to get the free printable!

I believe it’s important and just plain common sense for Christians to start their day with God and by saying, “Today is yours, God! Fill me and keep my eyes on You today!”.

I hope this video and the “IOUS Bible verse prayers” encourage you to read your Bible today!

Love & Blessings,