New Psalms Online Bible Study, "To Know Him"

Everywhere I look, someone seems to be telling me who I should be. What I should be. What I should believe and make important in my life. But what I want to know is – Who does GOD want me to be? How can I stand strong in my identity in Him? To answer my questions, I turn to the book of Psalms in the Bible.
Reading Psalms has been a part of my daily morning routine for years, and this book has taught me so much about who GOD is, as well as who He is not. Because of this, I have gained a better understanding of who I am in Jesus. My identity. Knowing my identity is the thing that stops me from chasing after every new idea that comes to the forefront of our culture. it’s the thing that helps me recognize when a good-sounding truth from a smart-sounding person on TV…just isn’t truth. It’s what makes me feel grounded when I am trying to make a decision or when I have a trial happening in my life. Coming back to my identity in Jesus is the thing that makes me realize I can seriously stop trying so hard to be and do it all!
I’m passionate about sharing some of these identity-grounding truths that I’ve gained from studying the Psalms with you in my new Online Bible Study "To Know Him", in hopes that you too will know God better and can stand firmer in who He’s made you to be as a result.
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6-Week "To Know Him Online Bible Study" details:

– This is a 6-Week Online Study.
– If you are doing this live – the dates are September 6 – October 11, 2017, with live teaching from Allison every Wednesday at 1 p.m. (EST), all teachings are automatically recorded.
There are 3 main parts of the study: 1 – Weekly Personal Bible Study Guide with daily (5-days) Bible reading and questions throughout each week. 2 – Weekly LIVE teaching by Allison every Wednesday at 1 p.m. (EST)! If you cannot be on live, you can view the recordings at any time! 🙂 3 – A private FB Group page specific to this study that each participant will be added to! After each weekly LIVE teaching (done in this group page), I will then type out random questions from that week’s Personal Bible Study Guide. I encourage you to participate in answering these questions so we can learn from each other and connect!
The 6-Week Syllabus for "To Know Him, A Study of Psalms" is below.

For a detailed syllabus, CLICK HERE.
Intro Week: God loves me and desires to hear from me, therefore I can be real before Him and pour my heart out to Him in prayer.Week 1: God has a purpose for me, therefore I have hope for my future.Week 2: God cares about my pain and upholds me through it, therefore I can release my burden to Him.Week 3: God alone gives me victory, therefore I can stop striving to prove myself.Week 4: God is strong and protects me, therefore I can be courageous in the midst of life’s trials.Week 5: God forgives and restores, therefore I am forgiven and made new.Week 6: God makes Himself known to me, therefore I can find Him and be saved.
*Week 1 of the Personal Bible Study Guide and invite to the private FB group will be emailed within 24 hours of registration.
I’m excited to grow together in knowing God through the Psalms! Love & Blessings,