Know God & His Vision For My Life Summer Online Bible Study!

Have your ever asked yourself any of these questions:
How do I know God’s will for my life?Why am I feeling so overwhelmed or confused about a decision?How do I hear God? Why am I not hearing God?What is God’s vision for my life?
The truth is that God deeply desires to not only hear from you, but to speak to you – and make His vision for your life clear! He definitely has a vision and call on each of our lives! The question is how do we discover it? I believe through a study of His Word and some simple guidelines, that together, with an open, humble heart, God will lead us to His vision.
Based on this question of “How do I discover God’s vision and call for my life?”, I am super excited to announce that I’m hosting a 6-week ONLINE Summer Bible Study!
This Bible study will be based on Pastor Rick Warren’s series on “Hearing The Voice of God”. I did this study and it is excellent and super helpful in doing exactly what the title reads! I’d love to invite YOU to join me studying this crucial topic!I have two main desires for this study:
1 – That anyone with a desire to know God and His vision for your life, will join in and dig into His Word with me. Together we will get to know God more deeply as well as learn tools that help us discern His will and vision for us.
2 – That the study will connect anyone and everyone, no matter the location, into an online body of women with a like-minded goal of desiring to know God more!
Here are the details:
June 21 – July 16, 2016Tuesday’s from 12:00 – 12:30 (EST) for 5 weeks.

The Bible Study will take place every Tuesday at Noon in our private FaceBook GROUP. You must be on FB to join this study. I will be doing a LIVE FB broadcast every Tuesday at Noon (June 14 – July 16)!
I will also post in the FB Group the weekly Bible Study handout with questions for you to work on throughout the week. Then on Tuesdays, I will teach on the topic via FB Live Broadcast, and also go through the questions. You will be able to give your answers to the posted questions on the FB page! I encourage you to complete the weekly handout and really study the Bible each week, but if you don’t, it’s ok! Please still join us!
Also, throughout the week different questions and encouragements for you to (optionally) respond to and create community with each other!


for the Summer Bible Study Page! You can

register here for the study!

If you’ve never done anything like this before…don’t let it stop you! I’ll take you step by step through the process!
5-Week Study Syllabus:
Week 1, June 14th: Barriers To Hearing God’s VoiceWeek 2,June 21st: Stop the Busyness/How to Have Daily Time with GodWeek 3,June 28th: How To Know God’s Will When Making DecisionsWeek 4,July 5th: How To Know If And Idea Is From GodWeek 5,July 12th: God’s Vision for My LifeWeek 6,July 19th: Recording God’s Responses to My Questions
To join in on the Bible Study register below (name and email address), and I will add you to our FaceBook Group and email you our first study handout!