I’m Not Bothering God 3 Day Bible Study

There was a time I felt God was annoyed with me. I imagined Him harshly say to me, “Suck it up. Do better! Be stronger!”
But something changed this false view of God.  I began not only reading, but studying the Psalms. 

Through this study and a few other passages, I realized that God was not at all like that harsh voice in my head.  The Bible simply didn’t show that God.  
I had literally transferred my own hard expectations of myself and placed them onto Him.  Do you ever struggle with a harsh view of God like I did?
Or maybe you’d like to just know more about who God really is instead of what you’ve just heard or been told about Him.

I’d love for you to download my free 3-day Bible Study titled, “I’m Not Bothering God”.  It’s a short study on 3 specific Psalms (one for each day) that I personally studied and changed my view of God’s character and how He felt about me.

Going to the Word is where we’ll find the Truth that will set us right and set us free!  Please let me know if you have any questions!
Love & Blessings,