I Want to Love God More, But How?

I think a lot of our goals and hopes for spiritual growth boil down to this – increasing our love for God. We know that if we loved God more we’d overflow in natural love – and that would affect so many other areas of our lives. So HOW do we love God… more?

Here are 5 practical things I’ve personally done that have helped my love for God to increase:
1 – Ask Him.
Pray honestly and ask Him to help you love Him more! Confess that you’ve loved other things more than Him. The essential part of prayer that results in growth and change is allowing yourself to be still and quiet before HIm (no multi-tasking, kids running around, distractions, etc). So plan some daily time alone to focus on honest prayer. Click here to read more about how to have a meaningful prayer time.
2 – Learn more about Him.
Here’s an interesting thing about ourselves – the more we learn about something we like, the MORE we grow to love it. For example, if you already like home decor, and then spend hours learning more about it on Pinterest, blogs, classes, HGTV, and talking to like-minded friends about it… you’ll probably end up even MORE passionate about home decor. The exact same concept goes with loving God. If we are already interested in growing as Christians, and so we commit to read the Bible, participate in a Bible study, attend church, listen to good teachers explain the Bible, etc… the result is that we will KNOW more about God and therefore, we will LOVE God more. I’d bet that we will even become passionate about Him! And isn’t that natural passion what we want???
3 – Worship.
Get yourself a great worship playlist or album and sing your heart out to God. Maybe you’ll start with singing only your favorite song. That’s ok! Before you know it, you’ll really be listening to the words of other praise songs and the overflow of your wholehearted worship will be wholehearted LOVE for God!
4 – Remember stories of the amazing things God has already done.This includes spending time with other Christians and hearing their stories, which increases our faith (and love) in God! I am also a big believer in journaling for this exact reason, among many!
5 – Let go of a specific sin/ sinful attitudes.
For me, loving God more has honestly, at times, come out of the simple choice to change from whatever is keeping me from giving my whole heart to God. Letting go of a sin looks simple on paper, but humbling ourselves and obeying God over what we "want" is also one of the very hardest things we choose to do. But doing that harder thing always, always, always, turns out to be the better, more happy thing in the end.

Let’s make this a year where we not only love God more, but also love Him MOST.
Love & Blessings,
Allison Davis
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