How We Announced Our Miracle Pregnancy

Every year on Halloween, most of my family, and my mother in law, come to our house. We live in a pretty big neighborhood, and my sister’s family lives in the country, so for maximum candy getting (and convenience) we meet up for pumpkin-shaped pizza and then go trick-or-treating!

Well, last year we decided that since everyone would be together for Halloween, we’d give them the big news – we were pregnant! We knew they’d have NO CLUE. Heck, it took us a few weeks to figure it out! Ha!

Check out our announcement video!

My husband and I had been married for 12 years and hadn’t been able to get pregnant (ever) and I didn’t even take a birth control pill…still no pregnancy. We had our two God-given (literally) children through adoption and they were now 8 and 4. We’d thought it was time for us to move on to the next stage of parenting – aka NO more babies/diapers/sleepless nights/etc! Since late September, I’d been feeling kinda “off”, but honestly this is normal for me because I get a lot of hormone-related migraines and fatigue due to my hypothyroid and a small nodule on my pituitary gland.

So when I first began to feel extremely tired and kinda weird, I thought it was my migraine symptoms. Then after it lasted a while, I did a clean eating/no carbs/detox from sugar cleanse, which often had helped in the past. Two weeks later…I was still extremely tired! Like SUPER tired. On top of that, I started feeling nauseous around Noon ever day. I was getting really frustrated. But what really made me freak out was I started feeling this strong pull in my uterus area. I ignored it for several days until I really couldn’t ignore it. I told my husband about it and said, “I’m not overthinking this – SOMETHING is wrong. SOMETHING is going on. I’m going to call my doctor.”

I set up an appointment and then I also googled, “Why does it feel like my uterus is stretching?” Lol this makes me laugh as I write it. I was still completely clueless. Everything that pulled up on Google explained that the uterus is stretching and growing due to pregnancy. Then there was the one explanation, of course, that you may have uterine cancer. My heart started rapidly beating – oh no, that was it. I had cancer. There was no possibility of me being pregnant, so that was what was going on. I had uterine cancer.

The doctor wanted me to come in and get blood work done (this is normal for me because of my thyroid issues). I took Abigail with me and went and got my blood drawn. Later that day (before my doctor appointment to meet with my the doctor), I went to CVS and bought a pregnancy test. Why? Because my doctor ALWAYS makes me take a pregnancy test before prescribing new meds… and then they charge me like $35 for it. The nurse told me they literally use the same ones you get at a drug store. So I thought I’d save some money and do it myself. I bought the 2-pack – it was the cheapest one they had. I went home and after I put the kids to bed and around 9 p.m., I took the pregnancy test.

Guys, I’ve taken so many of these. I was numb to the result by now. I’d never seen the plus sign. I’ve missed my period… never the plus sign. We’d tried to get pregnant while I knew I ovulating. Never the plus sign. I’d taken these every year at my gynecologist’s office…you guessed it – no plus sign, ever. But this day, I had the shock of my life.

I looked down at this pregnancy test and there was A PLUS SIGN!

What??? I stared at it for a good while. What? No way. My head was spinning. It couldn’t be possible. I googled “false positives on pregnancy test”. And there it was again – sometimes a false positive comes up when you have uterine cancer because the it’s same hormone that rises when you’re pregnant as when you have this specific cancer. Now when you’re pregnant, this hormone is WAY HIGHER. So I turned to my doctor’s online portal to look at my blood test results. It was after 9 p.m., so the results weren’t in yet, but it was there that I had blood work in the lab and for now had “tumor marker” next to it. SERIOUSLY?!? Tumor marker?!? I was shaking when I told my husband. I didn’t even tell him about the pregnancy test because I just truly believed I had cancer.

I had to wait till the next day to get my blood work results and talk to my doctor. The next morning, at 8:30 a.m. – on the DOT of the doctor’s office opening – I got a phone call from them. But I’d missed the call! Now I was really scared – the doctor doesn’t call you at 8:30 in the morning unless they have news. I called them back and was on hold for SEVEN of the longest minutes of my life. My hands were shaking and I was half crying. My husband kept trying to reassure me to stay calm, but I could tell he was scared too.

Then, the doctor came on the line.
“We got your blood work back (…pause) and you’re pregnant.”
My world stopped. It couldn’t be. But it…was? I was what???
I began crying.

My doctor couldn’t tell if I was happy or upset. She was like, “Ummm are you okay?” Paul was now super scared because of the crying. He over and over was saying, “What’s wrong? What did the doctor say?” Finally, I mouthed to him (while still on the phone with my doctor), “I’M PREGNANT!” He dropped to his knees on the floor, half laughing/half crying.

And so our journey began. Since I had NO IDEA how far along I was, I couldn’t schedule any baby appointments. So I talked my way into getting the hospital workers to schedule me for an ultrasound two days later and found out that I was 6 weeks along. And on Halloween night, we let our joyful and miraculous news be known.

Right now, on the wall beside me, as I write, hangs something I framed 5 years ago. It reads, “God will do the Impossible.” I had no idea that when I framed this, that He would prove it to me.

9 months later, on June 9, 2019, God gave us our healthy and special baby girl, Annalee Grace Davis. She continues to turn our worlds upside down, but we are so happy she does!

Our first picture as a family of 5!

What miracle or impossible thing are you praying for today?
Let this little one be a reminder to you that NOTHING is impossible for God!

Annalee at 6 weeks old.

Love & Blessings,

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  1. This literally made me ugly cry. How precious is your family and how good is God? Thank you for sharing ♡♡♡♡♡

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