Bible Study Overview: After-Easter Bible Reading Plan

It’s Easter Weekend, so I thought, why not use this weekend as a catalyst for deepening our faith? As a result I have two new things I’m doing to continue our pursuit of Jesus after the hype of Easter weekend! I hope you participate and grow to know Jesus more as a result! I’m excited to share these 2 new programs below!
1 – "How To Become a Christian" live video on my blog Facebook page! Check out this short 10-minute video here.

It’s for any who relates to any of these descriptions:
You are curious as to how a person knows Jesus and becomes a Christian.

You want to be sure you are a Christian and going to Heaven.

You are a Christian and want to see how to share your faith with others.

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2 – An After-Easter 21-Day Mini-Devotional Bible Reading Plan. CLICK HERE for the Bible Read Plans!

This new Bible reading plan will be uploaded each Monday (April 17th, April 24th, & May 1st) with a short daily reading plan and mini devotional and video! They will be uploaded here, as well as on my Facebook page!
The 21-Day Mini-Devotional Bible Reading Plan will consist of a daily reading of a short passage all on the Easter story. The devotionals will cover the following topics:
The story of Jesus death and resurrection.ForgivenessHow to deal with guiltHow to work through the doubts of your faith.How God changes and transforms us.What is the Holy Spirit?and more!
CLICK HERE for the Bible Read Plans!
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Love & Blessings this Easter!
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