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Learning to Hear God's Call

I can still remember when I was a little girl and heard the story of Samuel and Eli for the first time – you know the one where Samuel hears God calling him in the night? And after a third time hearing God’s call, they realize it’s GOD!  Right then and there, I promised God that whatever He called me to do, I would do the exact same as Samuel! That is what brings me here to this blog today.

I’ve found that life and seasons change – but that there’s never one that is wasted by God.  Isn’t it amazing how He brings everything together for Him?

Becoming a Teacher

Straight out of college I was a school teacher – there I learned to have thick skin and how to build trust with my inner city students.  I learned that as a leader people will always work harder for a leader who is kind and treats them with respect. After working in that tough environment, I will never be afraid to show others grace above control and perfection.  Grace wins every time and, I’ve found, actually breeds more success.

A New Adventure

While in my fifth year of teaching I began a business with a cosmetic direct sales company.  It was something I had never imagined doing, but I love new challenges and decided to give it a try.  I discovered quickly that sales and leadership was something I was surprisingly good at! I resigned from teaching and pursued business full time for the following 11 years.  Through my business, I learned that I was competitive and thrived when I had a goal in front of me. I learned how to focus on my most important priorities and I gained the courage to pursue my God-given dreams.  I learned as a leader that it doesn’t only matter if you’re charismatic or likable, you also must equip your team members to succeed and make money, or they will leave.  I learned in order to develop a strong team, it is essential for a leader to transfer the HOW of your success, so your team clearly understands HOW to do what you have already done.

A New Season

And then one day, while running this successful business, I had one of “those moments”.  You know – the kind where you remember right where you were and what you were wearing and exactly how you felt.  God was asking me to get deeper into sharing my faith with those in my life. I didn’t know exactly what He wanted me to do, but I knew in every fiber of my being that He was calling me to more.  I began a 3-day prayer and fasting, and literally on the morning of day four, woke up to do my daily quiet time with God, as usual, and immediately felt Him ask me to write and teach a Bible study.  This was something I’d never even thought about before, let alone done before. But I knew, just like when I was a little girl and read the story of Samuel, that God was calling me to do it. And using my teaching background and experience in training and developing business leaders, I obeyed.  By the time this first 6-week online study was over, I felt God tell me that this was not “over, in fact, it was only the beginning.

The process of developing this ministry has been long years of deep prayer, trying lots of new things, and a faith that, at times, was held on by a string.  But through it all, God kept me moving forward and has taught me that faith truly is believing without seeing. Through developing this ministry, I have learned as a leader to encourage women to follow what God has asked them to do, as opposed to following me and what I’d like them to do.  I learned as a leader that although I continue to be driven, I must first be a follower of Jesus – all the business success, esteem of my position, and accolades were made second in my heart and brought under the lordship of Jesus Christ.

God is Still at Work!

All of these lessons and experiences have brought me to where I am today and I am grateful.  My prayer is that whether you read my blog, participate in one of my online Bible studies, view my Vlogs, or see me speak at a live event – that you will be encouraged to LEAD well, LIVE for Jesus, and have the great desire to LEARN more about God and the Bible!  

Welcome to my blog and let’s pursue God together with all our hearts!

Love & Blessings,


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