5 Journaling Questions BEFORE You Set a Goal

The right goals, the ones we hit, all come about because our HEART is wholly in it. But the problem is we often don’t even know what is inside of our hearts. We’re not sure exactly what motivates us because we’ve never taken the time to think through it.

So before we set any specific goals – let’s talk about the pre-planning session we want to have with ourselves – the one where we stop and figure out what in the world we want.
Before you create the goals get alone and quiet before God and a clean sheet of paper and do some soul searching. Here are some questions to guide you in your goal setting search! Also, utilize the "Write it down" sections to support you in your brainstorming.

1 – What have I been frustrated with and have been wanting to change (but haven’t)?

A decision to change often comes from being sick and tired. This then sparks the willingness to make a serious goal that previously we haven’t been willing to do. As a side note – I believe the key here is to not get stuck on the negativity and/or the defeat. Use this "sick and tired" feeling to propel you into doing something new and actually thank God that He allowed you to feel fed up with it so that you’d be willing to change.

Write It Down: Is there a specific area of your life that comes to your mind that you’re fed up with? If you’re willing, write down these areas and we’ll turn them into GOALS!

2 – What do I feel God has been pressing me to change/do?

There are times when we just know that God is asking us to try something new, to step out, to quit something, or to GO.Write It Down

: What is th

at "thing" that has been tugging at your heart? This "thing" should be something that can be backed up in the Bible…not just a feeling. Write it down, but if you’re not sure if it’s a Biblical thing, be sure to talk to someone you respect as a Christian to give you their insight. 🙂

3 – What are the top few priorities in my life right now?Seasons of life come and go, and each come with their own set of priorities, as well as amounts of time we have. This is highly personal to YOU and your current situation. Thinking through our most valued priorities during each season helps us in setting goals that are near and impactful to our hearts.

Write It Down: What season of life are you currently in? What are your priorities this month? This semester? This year? What do you value most to spend with your time? What can you see God is teaching you in this season? Are there any specific goals you want centered around these priorities and values?
4 – What do I want for my life?

Anyone else besides me a people pleaser? God has taught me, when it comes to goals, that if it’s one from someone else and not wholeheartedly mine that I will NOT end up fully pursuing it. The real issue was that the goal was never mine and I needed the courage to set MY goal – the one that moved MY heart, even if it was different or less than what someone else thought I "should" do. Write It Down: What do you personally want your life to look like? What brings you joy? What are your gifts? Spiritual gifts? Where has God placed you right now to work and/or serve? What do you hope to do in the future? What do you like to do? What do you not like to do? Are there any goals you feel like you "should" do but you know you don’t really want to do them (or are not willing right now to do it…and that’s ok!)?
5 – Ask God what He has for you to do.Start with an open hand. Tell God – I will follow. I am YOURS. This absolute trust in Him and His plan (and that it truly is good and will make you happy) is the basis of a Christian life – but yes, also very hard. Every day I have to give my plans back to God. I ask Him for His favor and blessing and to open doors – but FIRST – my hand is open. Before I declare success, I declare- "I will follow."
Write It Down: Is there any area of your life that you are clutching with a closed hand? If so, what makes you do so? What specific areas of your life can you trust God with today?
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I hope these questions are helpful and I pray you take the time to think through them so you can be clear and whole-hearted behind your goals! After you’ve had your journal date with yourself – I’d love to hear about your goals!
Love & Blessings,

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