4 Takeaways from Beth Moore’s LIT Conference That Every Women’s Ministry Leader Show Know

“Be scared to miss the will of God for your life. I want you to be scared if you would not walk in truth like you’ve been called to and would not be trustworthy of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Be scared about that. That’s reverence.”

These were some of the opening lines from Beth Moore at her LIT Conference last weekend. Several months ago, on the infamous day of “Black Friday”, my fingers shook as I frantically typed in my information and pressed SUBMIT for Beth Moore’s LIT Conference. Beth had written that there would be very limited space – only around 100 young women would be accepted (this was later increased to 744). The internet almost broke that morning on her website, but by God’s grace, my submission went through. 🙂 I was going to Houston for LIT Conference! I would be in an intimate group with other women in their 20’s and 30’s who felt called to use their spiritual gifts to communicate God’s Word to our generation… and we were about to be mentored by Beth Moore! Ah! The more I process this event and all that God taught me there, the more impactful it becomes in my heart and mind.So for those of you with ministry on your hearts too… or you’re just curious as to what this "LIT" thing was all about, I am thrilled to share my 4 biggest takeaways from Beth Moore’s teaching at LIT in hopes that they will also encourage you.
– LIT Takeaway #1 – All ministry begins with our own personal, private, daily secret time with Jesus. –
Beth taught us that 80% of what she teaches, writes, and speaks on is a direct result of her morning prayer and intimate quiet time with God. This is not time that she uses to prepare lessons, write books, etc. She was referring to the time that she is alone and in secret with Jesus.

As Beth continued to speak for the entire morning session on this principle of personal, intimate time with Jesus, I came to realize how true that has been in my own life. My experience in women’s ministry has recently begun, but my experience in daily personal, private, secret time with Jesus has spanned the length of years. In fact, all of every step, call, inkling, push, or word I’ve received from God towards serving Him in women’s ministry, has been a direct result of my daily time with Him. I LOVE spending my mornings alone with Him. It is a part of who I am. I literally go to bed excited, knowing that I will wake up and have the best part of my day because I am get to soak in my morning with the one, true God of the universe. He takes this time we have together to lead me in ways I could NOT have drummed or dreamed up in a million years!
As Beth went on to demonstrate how her quiet times played out in the process of moving her from those quiet, alone moments to a public thought, then to perhaps a lesson on stage, and lastly on to a published book –

I came to realize how in my own life, all that God has lead me to do in women’s ministry has also come from my morning quiet times with Him!

A light bulb went off in my brain as I thought back to that very first time, this past Summer, when I felt God put on my heart to lead a Bible Study with women – it was during my quiet time! A few days later when I asked Him, "What do you want me to teach them?", the answer came during my quiet time. Earlier that Spring, I felt a burden to somehow share Jesus more with the women in my life, and that burden came during my quiet time. Just a couple weeks ago, I began sensing the fear of God in that He wanted me to study more before I wrote/taught in my Bible Study. When did I get this sensing from God? You guessed it – it was during my quiet time.

There is a LOT I don’t know about women’s ministry – this is new to me. But I do know that I love my intimate time with Jesus and through it, the Holy Spirit gives me direction in my life to serve YOU. Yes, thank you Beth for reaffirming in your own life and ours, that any and all ministry… it begins in a secret, daily, time with Jesus.
– LIT Takeaway #2 – All ministry must hold God’s Word as holy and reverent. –
I watched as Beth held the Word of God at such high esteem and reverence. I heard her read It and It was real to her. It was alive to her. She said sometimes she’ll just have to pause and tell God, “Whoa. That WAS GOOD.” Of course we all chuckled because she said it in such a funny, dramatic way, but what sunk in was that this Book – it’s unlike any other book.

The Bible say It is:
Breathed out by God. (2 Timothy 3:16)Forever. (Isaiah 40:8)A light to our path – it guides our lives. (Psalm 119:105)Living and active, sharper than any sword because it pierces right through our souls and discerns our thoughts and motives. (Hebrews 4:12)God’s own words carried out through people by the Holy Spirit. (2 Peter 1:21)The device that brings us the good news of Jesus. (1 Peter 1:25).Like a fire, breaking us like a hammer breaks a rock. (Jeremiah 23:39)Truth. (John 17:17)
Because of the holy fear of God and His Word, ministry is unlike any other job. Communicating to others about the holy WORD of GOD must come along side the FEAR of God. Like many of the girls I met at LIT, I have also taught in a non-ministry setting. For my first 6 years out of college I was an elementary and reading specialist teacher in the public school system. For the past several years (and currently) I’ve taught women how to start and grow businesses, and along with that, many valuable life skills and Biblical principles. Whatever my arena, I’ve always taken the role of teacher extremely seriously and had a sense of great responsibility in doing it.

But not until I was writing and teaching my third online Bible Study to a group of ladies, did I have the fear of GOD put on me over the fact that I was now teaching His Word. Beth definitely drilled into us that a woman in ministry is a woman of self-discipline as she devotes herself to study, in doing the necessary research, the reading of commentaries, and the overall homework needed to communicate with all reverence the awesome Words of God. Whoa. This is an area that I am definitely seeking to grow and improve!
– LIT Takeaway #3 – All Ministry must be for Jesus, and Jesus ALONE. –
Beth and each of the other leaders present issued us the exact same warning: Die to self-adoration. Our ONLY purpose is to point people to Jesus.

This response from Priscilla Shirer during our Q&A session to a question about will there be spiritual warfare in ministry pretty much states it the BEST way possible:“Satan is after every aspect of your life. If you’re married, there’s a target on your back. He wants your marriage

filled with division and not unified – not just because he’s after the two of you – he’s also after your kids, he’s after your grandchildren, he’s after the legacy of faith that is to be passed down through your family. If you are in ministry it comes with it. And he’s going to do everything he can to discredit the reputation of God through you by causing your integrity to be in question, by causing you to want to be a superstar more than be faithful to the calling on your life, he’s going to do whatever he can. And the fact that you just asked that question is the first step to victory – because you are aware that the enemy is on your tail. And if we’re aware that he’s there, then we can go ahead and put of the line of defense that is necessary to keep him at bay in our life.”
Thank goodness I recorded that on my iPhone because I need to hear that again and again. Ministry is not fun and games, it is not about me, it is not about fame or recognition, it is not about a pedestal or an arena. Ministry is about pointing people to Jesus. Pride is so easy to turn to, so I’ll be praying daily for the motive of my heart to be centered on the one and only JESUS.
– LIT Takeaway #4 – At the heart of of ministry is the fervent love of Jesus. –
With this takeaway, there are no quotes or stories to share because this came solely from studying Beth Moore up close for an entire day. Whatever any critic has to say about her, you can’t deny that this woman LOVES and is in-love with Jesus. Witnessing this real and dynamic love for Jesus in her got me fired UP. It’s like she rubbed off on me and opened my eyes to the joy of not only serving Him, but the joy of Him. At the end of the day, I WANT that fervent love that she has, and more!!! The biggest result of LIT for me is the immense love and passion that is burning within me for Jesus, my Savior. I want to be “lit” for Jesus every single day for the rest of my life – and I’m asking Him for that.

So there ya go – that’s it! 🙂 I mean that is not all I learned at LIT, but these four lessons are my overarching takeaways burning in my heart and mind. I really do pray that they’re helpful and that you’ll also be “lit” for Jesus! Whether in official ministry, at a church, in the home, or at the workplace, let’s pray these 4 takeaways penetrate our hearts and light a FIRE within us to follow Jesus!
Other photos I took at LIT on February 10th-11th, 2017:

I headed out from my hometown of Indianapolis on Friday morning, February 10th!

The state props at the LIT photo booth!

LifeWay’s photo board – I love this verse!

Living Proof Ministries matched me with this wonderful girl, Erica, to be my roommate for the weekend! We had a lot of laughs trying to find our way around the Galleria Mall in Houston! 🙂

The LIT Conference room was buzzing with energy!!!!

Erica and I met Laura in the hotel elevator on the way to LIT on Saturday morning!

What a group of leaders to mentor us on Saturday! They gave us THEIR ALL. Thank you to Beth, all these ladies, Living Proof Ministry workers and LifeWay for all you did to serve and pray for us at LIT! You went over and beyond and we greatly appreciate you!Love & Blessings,
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